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Timberline Instruments helps environmental labs save time and money with our unique gas diffusion/conductivity ammonia analyzer. An optional activated zinc reduction cartridge allows the user to add the analysis of TIN and nitrate/nitrite in addition to ammonia.

The gas diffusion / conductivity principle provides results generally unaffected by sample turbidity, color, or pH over a wide concentration range. Ultra-sensitive ammonia detection down to low ppb levels is easily achieved with a cycle time of 1.5-2.5 minutes per sample and a dual channel version is available for users requiring higher sample throughput when measuring ammonia and nitrate/nitrite.

Labs love our analyzer because it’s EPA approved, requires no distillation for TKN, and has very low maintenance costs.  


For a brochure with more information about our Ammonia Analyzer click here.  For more information about our Auto-sampler click here.

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